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Goose led-Smart Lighting solution

LED lighting has been a revolution. it has cut down the energy cost of lighting by more than 50%. But then, the energy cost for lighting is still considerable, considering the increased number of lights in the modern facilities. BridgeThings Smart Lighting is focused on reducing energy costs over and above LED savings. Our wireless smart lighting solutions come with integrated sensors that ensure enough light when required and go low on wattage otherwise. With less than a year of RoI and savings of up to 50% compared to LED lighting, BridgeThings Wireless smart lighting solution is at the forefront of the new age lighting solutions

Wireless Smart Lighting Solutions

Modern-day facilities are being burdened with 24×7 lighting requirements. Huge expansive parking lots are one great example where modern facilities require 24×7 lighting. Lighting unoccupied space is a complete waste of energy. BridgeThings smart lighting identifies unoccupied spaces and dims downlights to a preset lower wattage to ensure that energy is not wasted while the spaces are still lit. With wireless capabilities, our smart lighting solution can turn a set of lights into a virtual zone, that brightens up or dims down at once based on the sensor inputs. This ensures there is ample light available when a particular space is being used.   


Financial Benefits 

  • Energy savings
  • Lower maintenance costs 
  • Return on Investment

Control & Management

  • Remote Monitoring &  Reporting 
  • Alerts 

Environment & Well Being

  • Light pollution and Lower Co2 emissions 
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Comfortable Light levels

Our Focus

For Customize Solutions on Smart lighting

Use Case: Parking lot of a commercial office space.





Hours of day




Full Wattage




Wattage in DIM mode




Avg hours in Low wattage mode*




Cost / Kwh




Kwh consumed / Light/Year

245 Kwh

157 Kwh

84 Kwh

Energy Cost / Light/ Year




* Average number of hours in a day when the lights stay in dim mode as the commercial spaces remain unoccupied for most of the day and during the weekend.

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