Smart water management
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Smart water Management Solutions

Water scarcity problems force the water management sector to develop innovative water systems that improve efficiency and sustainability. IoT-connected smart water management solutions are being deployed to monitor, control, and regulate the usage and quality of water.Devices like sensors, smart water meters, data processing software and control systems are helping smart water management systems overcome outdated technology and increasing labor costs. BridgeThings is an End-to-End IoT solution that assures enhanced smart water management solutions through IoT., which monitors the water quality , flow rate, leakage detection, and more. Our Smart water management IoT Solution enables commercial buildings, industrial sites, and smart cities to improve the performance of their water distribution system and reduce operating costs.

Components for Smart Water Management

Fully Integrated Smart Water Management solution

Our smart water management solutions are designed to accumulate actionable data about the complete water distribution cycle.

Physical components

Water Bodies, Reservoirs, Pipes, Pumps, Valves etc.


Water Meters, Data Loggers, Waterwatch, Limnimeters

Network Infrastructure

LoRaWAN, MODBUS, Cellular, Wireless, Bluetooth etc

Data management

IoT Platforms, Datas, APIs, (Processing of data streams)

Data analysis

Dashboards, Visualization, Alerts, Reports etc.

What we dO

Water quality monitoring

The solution monitors BOD, COD, DO, Electrical Conductivity, Nitrate, pH, Turbidity, Temperature, Total Organic Carbon, Chloride, etc., and keeps an automated record of the parameters mentioned above. The data collected from sensors helps to optimize the scheduling of supervision, stay with predictive analytics, cut operational costs, and improve the accuracy of the water system.

Leakage detection

Our smart water leak detection solution is driven by IoT technology. It operates sensor abilities to identify the presence of leakages. If the leakages are left hidden, they might cause infrastructural dampness or hit the floor drop-by-drop, causing accidental slips. Therefore, to prevent such cases and enhance the safety of the building, it is essential to have an automated system that activates as soon as the water leakage takes place.

Water flow rate

Using smart IoT, water flow meters calculate water flow rate and volume and Manage the flow between multiple distribution lines. Save power by knowing how much water flow is needed for a specific distribution line.

Ground Water level Monitoring

Groundwater plays an essential role in the areas where water scarcity prevails. However, excess water filling in the grounds can result in many challenges like water-borne diseases, degraded ground quality, etc. Advanced water level monitoring sensors are installed, and data is collected for further processing to overcome these kinds of challenges. .

Our Focus

Commercial Buildings


Benefits of IoT Water Management

Real Time Time Information of water quality

Controlling and Managing the water system from anywhere at anytime

Accurate Data insights, graphs and reports for Decision Making

Alerts and Notifications

Eliminate the need of Manual Intervention and Reduce Labour costs


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