Commercial buildings
Transforming the way large facilities are
monitored and managed.
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Industrial IoT
Keeping Your Business Ready for Future
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Smart City
A suite of smart solutions to promote better and safer living

What we do

LPWAN Networks

Establish LPWAN networks with our Gateways & End nodes to collect data continuously from your assets. 

Cloud Dashboard

Data visualization with clear and insightful analytics help in understanding your facility better.

Drive efficiency

Data driven understanding of inefficiencies will help in timely improvement and cost reduction


An unified approach to monitoring all your resources from a single dashboard gives a wholistic view of your facility

Our Solutions

Utility monitoring solutions

Remote monitoring of utility assets using  “Low power Long range wireless” end node & gateways

Smart Lighting Solution

Smart Lighting solutions that are 50% more efficient than typical LED lighting.

Smart water Management

IoT-connected smart water management solutions are being deployed to monitor, control, and regulate the usage and quality of water

Energy Monitoring system

Optimize your energy consumption and enhance operational with a smart and secure energy management solution

Industrial IoT Solutions

Use of the IoT in industrial sectors and application It brings together machines & processes to monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze real-time sensor data to deliver meaningful insights.

Smart City Solutions

Redefining cities to accelerate
Efficiency, Growth and Sustainability
with the most dependable IoT Platform

Our Focus

Commercial Buildings



Smart Cities

Smart Cities & ULB's

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Case Studies

Clients & Partners

Our client says

“BridgeThings smart lighting solution was our clear choice for its wireless technology expertise, energy-efficient design and outstanding service"