Commercial building

Case study: Monitoring real-time water flow & consumption in an IT commercial facility via wireless technology.

Company profile A global technology company with a long history of innovation in the field ...
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Benefits of Water Quality Monitoring solutions

Without a doubt, water is a vital reserve for our planet. Not only for standard ...
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Case study: Advanced temperature monitoring and control in a radiant cooling system for a wide floor surface area.

About client Our client is a leading solutions provider in the Radiant cooling and heating ...
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Advantages of the sensor to cloud monitoring solution

Sensor-to-cloud monitoring solution uses wireless sensor networks to capture, process, and reserve data in the ...
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Case study: Maximizing Water Efficiency in Industries through Groundwater Level Monitoring

About Customer Our Client provides environmental services and solutions to industries and government bodies. They ...
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Iot vs scada

Scada vs. IoT: which is more influential?

You will discover that nearly every industry around you runs through a SCADA system. It ...
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