Measure, Monitor, & Manage your energy consumption with IoT Energy Management Solution.

What is IoT Energy Management ?

Energy is one of the most critical resources for any enterprise. Regularly monitoring energy consumption data across an organization is challenging. Organizations implementing energy management through manual monitoring and recording often have scattered data, wasting vast amounts of time recording data without meaningful analysis.

In today’s connected world, the smart way is to monitor and record energy data via the Internet of Things (IoT). These tools are designed to accumulate data for automation and lack analytical capabilities. Even in facilities with a building management system installed or in factories with automation, factory/building managers are unaware of what steps to take to improve energy efficiency.

IoT enables real-time data gathering at a granular level to achieve more significant savings. IoT Energy Management has the same energy efficiency goal through data, analytics, target, and control. Real-time data at a granular level enables more significant protection than the traditional BMS or Factory Automation.

How it Works

Our IoT Based Energy Management System (EMS) collects and organizes energy consumption information and presents it as meaningful & actionable insights, i.e., energy-conserving opportunities (ECOs). 

Power Quality Monitoring

Power quality concerns are not constantly easy to spot, but they impact numerous aspects of your firm. Inadequate power quality may decrease efficiency, drive higher energy costs, and costly asset downtime. Low power quality also spells higher costs due to forfeitures. Our solution enables you to identify power quality problems like voltage, harmonics, Power Factor, Frequency, etc. Acquiring intelligence & management will permit you to decrease downtime, extend asset lifetime, diminish costs, and enhance energy efficiency.

Demand Monitoring and control

Our solution will enable you to monitor your facility's demand loads continuously. Collection & processing of the energy consumption data permits the analysis of demand & peak demand for individual assets and the entire facility. By closely monitoring your demand levels and alerting on pre-set thresholds, you can significantly reduce the chances of incurring costly critical peak charges from your power provider, which helps lower your monthly demand bills.

Fault Management

Triggers timely cautions and initiates in case of anomalies or urgent issues via automated SMS or mail for escalations. It detects faults explicitly and segregates them as primary and insignificant issues.

Advanced Analytics

Our solution delivers a transparent understanding of the critical energy parameters such as power interruption patterns, voltage & frequency trends, PF, etc. Analytics adds intelligence to this data, making it decision-able, enabling real-time alerting, predictive maintenance, automated optimization, etc.

Smart Reporting

Automated hourly/daily/monthly customizable reports on energy usage and consumption help you to remotely identify & proactively evaluate issues to reduce supervision costs and prolong asset life.

Our Focus

Smart Cities
Office/Commercial Buildings


  • Monitors hundreds of remote sites in a unified portal
  • Integrates with existing meters & system
  • Understands and visualizes the energy profile of your organization
  • Helps better energy planning with pre-defined targets / KPIs
  • Helps better capacity utilization, reduced maintenance & man-power
  • Improves system up-time
  • Provides easy accessibility, usability, management & control
  • available as on-premise & cloud based application

Our Energy Management Dashboards