High water leakage and theft levels, customer complaints, and financial losses are some of the top challenges of water utilities. Can be effectively eliminated many of these problems by deploying an Advanced Smart Water Metering solutions by Bridgethings.

Bridgethings Smart Water Metering system automatically gathers the readings from each water meter at the required date and time, optimizes and reduces operating costs, and identifies illegal connections to the water supply system.

How does Smart water meter works

We will fix smart water meters at your locality. If already placed traditional water meters, we can connect sensors to your existing water meters. The sensor/smart meters transfer readings data to the cloud via telemetry gateways, i.e., LORAWAN gateways. The data is analyzed and further contributed to the users on the dashboards, which they can access via desktop dashboards.

Smart water meter devices are installed at your locality.

More water meters @ BIPL, Padi

The device transmits water  usage Data via LPWAN Network- LORAWAN Gateway

you access your water  usage data via dashboard 

Our Focus

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Commercial Buildings


Smart Cities


  • Assure a reliable and constant water supply
  • Fight Non-Revenue Water with data
  • Get Daily, Weekly Report & Forecast for End-users and Admin
  • save money with protecting on additional distribution
  • Deal with leakages
  • Control Water Supply Remotely with IoT Valves
  • Match demand-supply via demand forecasting
  • Reduce the need for manual meter readings
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